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Do we know what era comes after STEM?

We believe in

/ Science. Technology. Research. Engineering. Art. Math / 
By adding a human playful component, Research and Art, imerged in Nature STREAMing of creativity is happening.

Why it is important?

In today's STEM world a rapid growth of Tech in the closed digital schools and offices provide a lack of "green antidotes" for social connections, but also the connections with Nature. 

Forests have been shown as supportive biodiversity ecosystem which contribute to better physical and mental health, stimulate creativity, improve cultural and social well-being, which is extremely important for our survival

How we will get there?

We have opened 4 walls, activate all senses and connected with the key link of transformation, NATURE.

Let's step into S T R E A M FoRest……..1 st Forest Tech Hub in Croatia

Multi skilled solution that creates an innovative & inclusive society by making learning, working and growing in coexistence with the Forest.  

Integrated into the nature, energized by chlorophyll, the wind and the best Tech….with all senses activated…to STREAM your creativity.

HuB… working FoRest

...S T R E A M your Team for innovate ideas in modular HiTech coworking/coliving space imerged into the Nature and leave minimum environmental footprint.

FooD …growing FoRest

…growing food & inclusions by the principle of biodynamic agroforestry.

EDu… learning FoRest

…experiential learning S T R E A M Forest trails connected by HiTech resources for all age groups… special for future creators, Children.

People Behind
Valentina Hršak

M.Sc Geology, Waldorf education, 16 Y in business

Managing partner/Business Development Director
Tomislav Sušinjak

B.Sc telecommunication techhnology, 15 Y in business

Natural sciences Expert
Ana Mikleušević

PhD Chemistry, 16Y as scientist in industry and academia

Social sciences Expert
Sunčica Vidulić- Vulelija

Pedagogy & flute professor, 30 Y in Waldorf education


Stream with us

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